So, Mama, how’s it going for you?!

I have wanted to write about our school experience a number of times over the last few months, but something always kept me away from the keyboard. I know now that a lot of my hesitation was because I had not really made the adjustment to our new life myself. The kids all had aContinue reading “So, Mama, how’s it going for you?!”

Socialization Isn’t Just About People

Something almost magical happens when a child has an animal in their lives to take care of. You see the deepest parts of their character when they are entrusted with something that is completely at their mercy. As parents, we always hope that gentleness and caring will flow naturally from our children to the animalsContinue reading “Socialization Isn’t Just About People”

We’re Going Public!

In an unforeseen twist of COVID circumstances, we have decided that this is a perfect time to let our curious children experience public school! The same way that many other families were able to take advantage of distance learning to try out homeschooling, we are going to use the unique return to the classroom toContinue reading “We’re Going Public!”

Is Today A School Day?

All of my kids, but especially my littles, ask this question. Often. And while the answer is usually “Yes”, there are a few reasons in our house that week days turn out not to be school days. One reason we take a day off is for birthdays! The day belongs to the Birthday Girl/Boy, andContinue reading “Is Today A School Day?”

Motivating A Reluctant Teacher

We’ve all had those days where we know the difficulties of the day were caused by our own actions, attitudes, and words. When you are the cause of your bad day, how can you bounce back? It is important to know what makes you tick. As an introvert, I know I am prone to beingContinue reading “Motivating A Reluctant Teacher”

Motivating a Reluctant Learner

“I could never homeschool. I don’t have the patience for it. My kids would never get anything done!” If you are not a homeschooler, you have probably had thoughts like this. If you are a homeschooler, you have undoubtedly heard comments like this. And, truth be told, if you are a homeschooler, you still mayContinue reading “Motivating a Reluctant Learner”

First Day Jitters (and other Traditions)

Tomorrow is our big day! We are starting our new school year! This will be our 9th school year at home. I have been teaching with the same curriculum since my oldest was in Pre-K. And you know what? I’m still nervous about tomorrow! For those of you facing your first, fifth, or fifteenth firstContinue reading “First Day Jitters (and other Traditions)”

Reasonable Expectations

In high school, my English class read the Dickens classic Great Expectations. Upon completion of the book, which we had not found quite as riveting as our teacher had, we took my friend’s copy to a large room and essentially played baseball with the book. While present day me is appalled at our casual destructionContinue reading “Reasonable Expectations”