Early Education at Home

One of the most common questions I see in various homeschooling groups I am part of is, “What curriculum should I use for preschool/pre-K?” And while I have a great preschool and pre-K curriculum, I use them only for younger siblings who desperately want to be a part of our school day. And even then,Continue reading “Early Education at Home”

Whoa, too much freedom!

Okay. You’re starting to think that, maybe, just MAYBE, homeschooling your child isn’t quite the craziest idea you’ve ever had. Maybe my previous post has you convinced some flexibility and freedom might be just the thing to make it easier to do school since your kids may not have the option to return to theirContinue reading “Whoa, too much freedom!”

Crisis Schooling Vs. Home Schooling

For many families, there are looming questions about keeping kids in school safe from COVID-19. But the stress of this spring has left them even more uncertain about virtual school. They have legitimate concerns about how to keep up with possibly a whole year of online classes waiting for things to return to normal, andContinue reading “Crisis Schooling Vs. Home Schooling”

Why Do We Home School?

Everyone has now gotten a taste of having their kids learn at home. It’s not for everyone, but for some it has raised questions about how to move into home schooling on purpose. We started out school with that purpose and have completed 8 years of in-home education! A little background to our homeschooling journey:Continue reading “Why Do We Home School?”

Dear Suddenly Homeschooling Friends,

You can do this!!!! Some are nervous because homework time brings out the worst in you and your child and there is no way you can teach them full time. Let me assure you that when you are not both exhausted from getting up early and keeping up with all the academic and social expectationsContinue reading “Dear Suddenly Homeschooling Friends,”