Lunch on Purpose

Lunch packing is something of a challenge for me, historically. There are so many things to choose from and the sheer variety of convenience foods available at American grocery stores still blows my mind. I wish I had the grocery packing skills out of the latest Cheaper By The Dozen remake. But alas, I amContinue reading “Lunch on Purpose”

Thoughts on Home

“Are you moving to somewhere else in Europe, or are you going home?” Was there ever a more complicated simple question? This particular loaded query came from someone who came to our house to give us an estimate for a service involved in our upcoming move from Germany. The simple answer is that we areContinue reading “Thoughts on Home”

We’re Going Public!

In an unforeseen twist of COVID circumstances, we have decided that this is a perfect time to let our curious children experience public school! The same way that many other families were able to take advantage of distance learning to try out homeschooling, we are going to use the unique return to the classroom toContinue reading “We’re Going Public!”


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