Lunch on Purpose

Lunch packing is something of a challenge for me, historically. There are so many things to choose from and the sheer variety of convenience foods available at American grocery stores still blows my mind. I wish I had the grocery packing skills out of the latest Cheaper By The Dozen remake. But alas, I amContinue reading “Lunch on Purpose”

Motivating a Reluctant Learner

“I could never homeschool. I don’t have the patience for it. My kids would never get anything done!” If you are not a homeschooler, you have probably had thoughts like this. If you are a homeschooler, you have undoubtedly heard comments like this. And, truth be told, if you are a homeschooler, you still mayContinue reading “Motivating a Reluctant Learner”

Homeschooling a Crowd: Part 2; What to Do With Siblings During Lessons

When homeschooling a crowd, you will run into situations where you need to focus on a subject with one child, leaving you with the dilemma of what to do with siblings while you are doing lessons. Your child(ren) may take this opportunity to lose their ever-loving minds, so it is best to have a planContinue reading “Homeschooling a Crowd: Part 2; What to Do With Siblings During Lessons”

Homeschooling a Crowd: Part 1; How to Create Learning Groups

If you are going to homeschool several children, it makes life so much easier for you if you group your children for combined instruction where possible. As an added bonus, learning groups give your kids a classmate that they can talk with about what they are learning. So how can you create effective learning groupsContinue reading “Homeschooling a Crowd: Part 1; How to Create Learning Groups”

Early Education at Home

One of the most common questions I see in various homeschooling groups I am part of is, “What curriculum should I use for preschool/pre-K?” And while I have a great preschool and pre-K curriculum, I use them only for younger siblings who desperately want to be a part of our school day. And even then,Continue reading “Early Education at Home”

Whoa, too much freedom!

Okay. You’re starting to think that, maybe, just MAYBE, homeschooling your child isn’t quite the craziest idea you’ve ever had. Maybe my previous post has you convinced some flexibility and freedom might be just the thing to make it easier to do school since your kids may not have the option to return to theirContinue reading “Whoa, too much freedom!”