At Home, On Purpose

When people hear one of my children was born at home, they often ask, “On purpose?!” When they hear that four out of five of them were all born at home, yes, on purpose, they start to make certain assumptions about me. When they hear I home schooled all five, yes, even before Covid, they add a whole other set of assumptions. AND I’m a Christian?! Oh, they think they’ve got me pegged now!

The thing is, I’m not particularly crunchy, nor am I particularly patient or crafty. And my faith is founded on a solid Biblical base, but you won’t find me beating you over the head with it, and it will NEVER lead me to justify hurting others. The Jesus I know doesn’t like hypocrites any more than you or I do.

We move a lot. Every few years, a new house becomes our home. As everything outside of our house changes, the inside of our home provides the stability we need to thrive wherever life takes us.

I am a mom, a wife, a teacher, a researcher, a reader, a traveler, and, just as often as anyone else, a failure. I know A LOT of things that DON’T work for my family. I will share those, too. But this is a place for me to share what DOES work for me, to offer helpful resources and strategies, and encourage you to find your family’s Best, too. Everything is just a suggestion. Except for the color coding. You’ll thank me for that one for sure!